Shanghai D&I is a relatively independent secondary college established according to the related laws and regulations of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, and the Constitution of Tongji University. Shanghai D&I has relative independence of personnel administration and financial management.

The management system constitutes of:

  • Joint Management Committee
    Joint Management Committee which is the general governing body of Shanghai D&I and responsible for the discussion and decision of important matters during the development of Shanghai D&I. Joint Management Committee members shall be nominated by Tongji University and foreign partner universities.
  • Dean
    responsible for the management of Shanghai D&L. The Dean is assisted by Vice-deans.
  • Program Management Committees
    established with each foreign partner university focusing on program management and delivery.
  • International Academic Committee
    which consults Shanghai D&I on issues related to academic and research strategy.
    Chairman: Richard Buchanan
    Vice Chairman: ZHU Dajian
    Members of Committee: XU Ping, LOU Yongqi, FAN Shengxi, WANG Ming, Constantinos Terzidis
    Correspondence Members of Committee: Yrjo SotamaaKen Friedman