Research on Artificial Intelligence Empowering
Time:2020-06-12        Views:10

Research on Artificial Intelligence Empowering "Shanghai Culture" Brand Upgrade  

Principal Investigator: FAN Ling

Through the research and trend analysis of the "Shanghai Culture" brand, the project deeply explore the needs of brands’ visual style, focusing on the "national tide" style that young people with the cultural confidence prefer. The study aims to use machine learning to structure the rules and elements of visual design, analyze the feasibility of using artificial intelligence to generate "Shanghai Culture" brand visual works to liberate manpower, 
introduce a multi-degree evaluation model of experts and users to improve design quality, and change previous data used as the norm for optimizing demand-side resources, innovatively applying data to supply-side design content production, and comprehensively empowering the construction and innovation of the "Shanghai Culture" brand.