Zhangyan Harvests
Time:2020-06-29        Views:15


DESIGN Harvests

Principal InvestigatorLOU Yongqi

"Zhangyan Harvest" puts forward a new idea of rural revitalization: through demand upgrade, circular economy, community thinking and platform logic "four paradigm transformations", subvert the traditional thinking regarding rural as a "consumer terminal" into the “future industrial prototype” and put it at the high end of the industrial chain and at the front end of the innovation chain. "Zhangyan Harvest" is based on innovative ecological agriculture and integrates "intelligence, agriculture, industry, commerce, travel, and culture" to create a "rural silicon valley". From the perspective of rural areas as a new "source of innovation", it proposes the Shanghai strategy to crack the revitalization of rural organizations, talent, industry, cultural and ecological promotion. It is the role that the Shanghai rural revitalization should play in the process of integration in the Yangtze River Delta.